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Sunday 02nd of October 2022


In which period of the year you prefer To travel?

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You spend your years in the monotony of everyday life.
You not only accept it, but also get used to it out of comfort, laziness or lack of courage even though everything threatens to choke you.
Then, one morning, You wake up and tell yourself and the people closest to you: “That’s enough! It’s time for a change.”

Thus, you start looking for a new place where you’d like to put down roots and where you’d be able to breathe more freely. You are convinced that it is your needs which will lead your choice.
 Yet then (only some time later…) you realize that what has really led you was someone or something else. And so you arrive at this place, through inspiration or pure chance, and then you feel it: You’re home at last. An old building whose walls make you perceive a feeling of security and familiar warmth and which, at the same time, reflect the hard work of generations.

You are surrounded by seductive nature, wild but tamed at the same time. Gentle dark hills with lush light-flooded forests alternate with regularly laid out vineyards. Occasionally, there are antique villages, not only rich in history, but also with a living tradition, which have already accommodated famous personalities.
We have preserved the outer appearance of the masonry in its original form while in its interior we have created a place of comfort for our guests and ourselves.

Well, everything is ready now. The doors of “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness” (as an homage to the film of the same name, starring I. Bergmann and C. Jürgens and as a good omen for our guests) are ready to be opened and welcome our friends and guests, who want to share the happiness of living here with us.

Oliva e Alberto


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